What Makes Your App Number 1 in the App Stores

This article talks about the best ideas for an app development and the popular myths of development of a million dollar application. Idea is everything! While this conventional wisdom is true in every single business aspect, you too need to know that some best idea coupled with radiant features can get you the next No.1 mobile app. All you need is to get that idea turned into a reality deploying the best development practices seeking help from a trusted partner.

Thus, to get you going for a million dollar app that will rule the app stores, here are some quirk ideas and strategies.

High-quality app

This is obvious but still worth mentioning. App stores are like a usual marketplace where shops with only great products can draw maximum visitors. To earn interests of the mobile users, what you primarily need is a great looking as well as a high-quality app. To get the seal of approval from the authorised stores like Google Play Store and Apple App Store, make your application great with a promising purpose and compelling features.

Making the app universal

The other way to show that your app dedicatedly offers flawless experience to the users is making it work on all mobile platforms: iOS 0r Android and on all devices. Make it universal as universal apps are aligned with the specific business models of Apple and Android. This signals that your app seeks to develop a friendly relationship with users from all groups and hence earn recognition in the store quickly.

Using the latest or trending features

Think about the features that will make your app appealing at the first stance and let you grab major attention from the audiences. One simple way to stand out from the rest is incorporating the technologies which are currently making the rounds. Right now, some trending features for mobile app space are 3D touch, AR, AI or chatbots, cloud storage, wearables, IoT, etc.

Put up opportunities for the users to give ratings and reviews

Getting more positive reviews and ratings in the app stores will drive more users to your app and boost downloads. But, how to get more positive ratings and reviews rolling for your app? Make use of push messages after 5 to 10 sessions at the right point, i.e. after checkout or goal completion. It prompts the users to rate and review and with enough of positive reviews, app store algorithms will push your application to the top results.

Localisation is the key

The only way to get your app noticed to a larger audience is making it more niche. Thus, you need to localise and make it accessible to users beyond the national borders. Localisation gives some supreme advantages by making your app a global phenomenon and thus increases the value of the app to customers.

No matter how much you or your development partner have worked hard for a well-designed and businesslike app, if you do not bring some unbeatable features with a driving idea, it is not going to get any recognition in the app stores. However, following these inherent ways will definitely put you on the success road and let your application ride on the charts of popularity.

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